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Felder Felder

Pall Mall Deposit
Studio 49
124- 128 Barlby Road
London W10 6BL, UK


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The content offered on this web site is protected by copyright laws. This web site may not be modified, copied, republished, transferred, distributed or stored without permission. All elements of this web site including the general design and content are protected by copyright laws, trademarks, and other laws regarding intellectual property.

The verdict passed on the 12th May 1998 by the Hamburg district court rules that the inclusion of links also leads to co-responsibility of the material offered via those links. The district court furthermore declared that it is only possible to disclaim responsibility by expressly distancing oneself from the contents of the web sites. Our web site contains links to third party web sites whose contents and reliability we have no influence on. The following therefore applies to all links: We do not have any influence on design and contents of third party internet web sites. We therefore expressly dissociate from the material of all third party internet web sites, even if our web site links to those external sites.

Privacy Policy

When accessing our web site and embedded or linked objects therin, date and time, the object accessed, and the accessing IP address are stored. Furthermore, the browser identification (usually this means the browser version and the operating system used) as well as the web page referring to the object are journalized. These records only serve statistical purposes and will not be merged with other data sources. Therefor, the recorded data can not be linked to a specific person.

At all occasions to enter data within this web site, any private data (e-mail address, name, address) is entered volountarily. We undertake to comply with the terms of law regarding data privacy, and explicitly declare not to provide any data to third parties.

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